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Responsive Web Design also known as RWD is a modern web design approach to creating web pages that display well across a variety of devices and screen sizes. It is imperative for website owners to have websites that are accessible and simple to navigate, even on a small screen (like a tablet or smartphone). Responsive web design has many SEO benefits. Here we are going to discuss the top 5 SEO benefits of responsive web design. 

  • Mobile-First Approach of Google  

It is undeniable that Google has changed towards a “mobile-first” approach in recent years. The reason is that most of the people are searching on their phones than ever before. So, it’s more crucial than ever for websites to be accessible on any device. Google attempts to provide consumers with useful and accessible content. The algorithm is more likely to rank a website that meets the standards — as an example, one that’s responsive and user-friendly. Google chose websites that have implemented a mobile responsive web design and are optimized for mobile devices.  

  • User Friendly Approach  

Google’s primary goal is to excite users by displaying content they need to act on. By creating a user-centric experience, you are more likely to generate higher search rankings from Google. A responsive website is crucial in creating a good user experience. A satisfied user has a chance to become a follower, lead and eventually a customer.   

  • Reduce Website Bounce Rate  

Bounce rate is the number of visitors who leave the website immediately after entering it. Most of the time, users bounce because the website is poorly designed or the navigation is confusing. Responsive website design allows users to navigate easily.  

  • High Usability  

By measuring the time on the webpage, we can understand whether the website content is relevant to the user’s search and whether they are satisfied with visiting the site. The thing behind this is that if a user is not satisfied with your site content or experience, they will not return. Responsive websites are more accessible, quick, and easy to navigate. It helps the user to find the information that they need very easily and the user will stay on the site. In the future also, the user will return to your website.  

  • High Page Speed 

Page speed is another important factor that can have a remarkable impact on your SEO. A website’s loading speed can make or break a customer’s experience. Mobile responsive websites can load quickly or smoothly on both mobile and desktop devices.  

In short, setting a mobile-friendly approach as the foundation of your website design will make sure it’s success. Selecting a responsive design gives users priority, makes it easier for them to interact with your website, and signals to Google that your site is optimized for search on all devices. If you are looking for the best website design company in Kerala, contact us. 

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